Canadian Biosimilars Forum


Capturing the Opportunity of Biosimilars in Canada


The arrival of biosimilars is helping expand access to medicines for patients, health care providers and policymakers across Canada.  These drugs represent an enormous opportunity to not only enhance patient care but also improve the sustainability of Canadian health care.

B.C.’s Approach to Biosimilars Can Improve Patient Care

The Government of British Columbia is building on the momentum of the Biosimilars Initiative, recently announcing Phase 2 of a process to implement a one-time transition of patients currently using a reference biologic to a biosimilar in consultation with their doctors.  Through this policy change, the Government of B.C. is expanding treatment options for patients and their physicians across the province. Learn more

What are Biosimilars?

Biosimilars are biologic medicines that have been approved by Health Canada after a rigorous and evidence-based review process. Health Canada requires every biosimilar to demonstrate its similarity to another biologic medicine that is already available in the Canadian marketplace and no longer protected by a patent.

As Health Canada states, you can have the same confidence in the quality, efficacy and safety of a biosimilar as in any other biologic drug.

Biosimilar medicines are not new. They have been used for over a decade in Europe and have led to over 700 million patient days of clinical experience. Learn more about biosimilars

The Canadian Biosimilars Forum

The Canadian Biosimilars Forum is an alliance of companies who represent the breadth of the biosimilars industry and who are collectively working to increase awareness, access and adoption of biosimilars across Canada. Learn more about the Forum

Biosimilars can play a significant role in the health care system.