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The Canadian Biosimilars Forum is focused on accomplishing three fundamental goals:

  1. Raising awareness of biosimilars – and their distinctiveness – and serving as a credible resource for evidence-based information regarding biosimilars.

  2. Informing and supporting public policies that encourage access, awareness and adoption of biosimilars. 

  3. Providing an opportunity for companies developing biosimilars for the Canadian market to work with key stakeholders on topics instrumental to biosimilars and patient care.

All Canadians should feel confident about the quality, safety, tolerability and effectiveness of Health Canada-approved biosimilars medicines.  These therapies are subject to a world-class regulatory process built on a significant amount of evidence addressing issues of product quality, clinical data proving safety and efficacy, and non-clinical data considering toxicology and other factors. Click here to learn more from Health Canada about how drugs are reviewed.

The Forum believes that biosimilars can play a significant role in enhancing the Canadian health care system by providing patients with access to additional cost-effective therapies once the patent has expired on a biologic.  It is part of the natural evolution of the industry that when the term of a patent ends, lower-cost alternatives become available, leading to additional treatment options for physicians and patients and reduced pharmaceutical costs to the health care system.

All Canadians stand to benefit when policymakers, health care providers, and patients come together to ensure a sustainable biosimilars future in Canada.  The role of the Forum is to educate and inform Canadians with respect to the opportunity and the evidence regarding biosimilars and to create the path to a robust, sustainable and competitive Canadian biosimilars market.


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